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About Terran IMBA / Frequenty Asked Questions

What it is and what it isn't.
I just wanted a website that would let me upload replays but they all kept forcing me to sign up. TerranIMBA lets you quickly share replays to others without having to sign up or give your details away. It isn't a permanent repository to keep a database of your replays.
Is this completely anonymous?
TerranIMBA stores your IP address for the sole purpose of quick management of your replays. You can elect to opt out of this during replay submission, however this means you will not be able to manage your uploaded replays (manually delete them etc). It does not collect any other information.
How do I manage my uploaded replays on other computers?
You can't and that is not the purpose of TerranIMBA. If you want to keep a personal collection of your own replays online I suggest other popular replay websites such as SC2Rep or SC2Replayed.
I'm arguing with someone and they think Terran isn't IMBA!
Lol what a noob. You must definitely explain to them how imbalanced Terran is. Terran requires no skill and is an a-move race with no micro, macro, thought process or decision-making required. All their units and mechanics are grossly overpowered and they should be nerfed.